Roccagloriosa (SA) is a small town in Cilento of just over 1,600 inhabitants. The oldest part, as any medieval manor, presents a maze of alleys where you can easily lose yourself.

In front of many houses it’s easy to find the seats made with different executions, made with the oldest stone seats to the most modern benches. Early last century, the stone seats were used by the women returning from the fields talking together with their neighbors and enjoying the last warm of the day sitting under the sun. Men also made a pause smoking his pipe sitting on them at the end of the day. Now, only older ones remember the function of these seats, many young people do not notice them ignoring what their function.

Today, their function has been replaced by tools that allow communication and socialization by limiting direct contact to a minimum. Nevertheless they retains the habit of building stone seats or install benches in front of their house.



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